We sell:

Musical Products
·         Brand new Kawai Piano, Yamaha Piano, Young Chang Piano and other branded 2nd hand used piano and reconciliation piano.
·         Yamaha Keyboard, Casio keyboard, Roland, Korg, Digital Piano etc
·         Classical guitar, Acoustic/folk Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, and amplifier etc
·         Drum sets: Yamaha, Premier, Pearl, Perfect Percussion etc
·         Violin and accessories.
·         Chinese musical instruments: Gu-Zheng- Er-Hu, Pi-Pa, Yang-Qing, Di-Zi etc.
·         Other international brand of musical instruments.

Souvenirs & Arts
·         We sell imported souvenirs, embroidery and lacquer-ware.
·         We are distributors of the Vietnam souvenirs, lacquer-ware.

Books and other accessories
·         All types of musical books and musical accessories are available for sale.